It started with a vase…. – Gin Lemonade Recipe

I’m an inquisitive sort. I often look askew at the food or beverage I’m enjoying at that moment in time and think, “How would I make this? How could I improve this?”, and often the answer is:
•    Add cheese
•    Add chilli
•    Add booze

Sometimes, a magical opportunity to add all three will come along, and you will have yourself a party of spring break proportions in your little mouth hole.

On this occasion, I had decided to have a responsibly sober week, and join Lia for an epic Korean feast. Naturally, Lia’s immediate response to my planned sobriety was to find the most irresistible concoction she could. And that was Gin Lemonade. Of course we would have to make it. And now that summer is slowly approaching, I implore you to make it too.

Serves 8 (or 2 gluttons):
8 unwaxed lemons
300g Caster Sugar (I used 250g and made up the sweetness with elderflower cordial)
500ml Gin

You can also add these to your own tastes:
Elderflower cordial

First, chop the lemon in to chunks. You don’t need to peel them or anything. I love low maintenance recipes.

After this, chuck all of the lemons in to a mixer with 50g of the sugar, a couple of cupfuls of water and a good glug of the elderflower cordial if you’re using it – blend until smooth.

Mix that baby up!
Mix that baby up!

Once the mix is looking sufficiently well-blended, sieve it into a jug, then chuck all of the pulp back in to the blender, adding another 50g of sugar, a couple more cupfuls of water and cordial and a few sprigs of mint. Basically, keep repeating the blend-sieve-blend-sieve routine until you’re happy that you’ve reaped all you can from the pulp.

Now top up the juice mix with gin, ice and a few more sprigs of mint. You’re done! Take a well-earned sip of this sunshine-in-a-glass.

This recipe should give you enough lemonade to fill a big pitcher. Now unfortunately, Lia and I did not have a pitcher. Or even a sufficiently large pan. So we used vases. Class acts, ladies and gentlemen.

Next time, I reckon I’d substitute more of the sugar with honey alongside the cordial for a bit more depth of flavour. I’m also curious to see if some other additions like lemongrass or tamarind might take it up a notch. I definitely think this is a recipe that would benefit from personal tweaks – happy experimenting!



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