Review: TGI Friday’s, Bristol

The chicken scorpion sandwich – fiery!

When one of my good friends recently celebrated her birthday she decided to spend the evening partying on down at TGI Friday’s in Cabot Circus.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always seen TGIs as synonymous with birthday parties and teenage first dates. As such I don’t find myself going there so much anymore, although I did find myself thoroughly excited at the prospect of fun cocktails, dirty burgers and that oddly scrumptious Jack Daniels sauce.

When we first arrived we positioned ourselves at the bar for a cocktail. The birthday girl and I opted for a Royaltini (ABSOLUT Raspberri vodka, blackberries & apple juice, topped with Champagne) which seemed suitably celebrative, and our dining companions decided on a Whisky Sour and a behemoth minty Oreo milkshake monstrosity.

Cocktails ahoy!
Cocktail, or dessert?
Cocktail, or dessert?

We were then seated in a cosy booth to peruse the menu, and my friend was given the obligatory ‘It’s All About Me’ birthday hat, which she loved.

It was after this that the service slowed a fair bit, although everyone was very helpful and friendly whenever they did approach the table.

Our starter selection - happy faces!
Our starter selection – happy faces!

For our starters we chose potato skins topped with pulled pork, as well as the Meat Me in Tennessee sharing platter (pork belly, chicken wings and sesame chicken strips in THAT Jack Daniels sauce). Apologies for the substandard pics once again – it’s so dark in there it’s tough to get a good picture!

Both starters arrived quite quickly and were generous portions – the platter went down particularly well (I was a big fan of the chicken wings) although I would have preferred if the potato skins were baked or grilled rather than fried – that’s just personal preference though.

Now on to the mains!

Just look at the size of that duck. LOOK AT IT.

For our mains, one of my friends went a bit maverick and chose the duck fajitas – not something I’d expect at TGIs, but boy was I impressed with what came out. Half a duck arrived at the table, along with some shredded salad, tortillas and sizzling veg – it was a fairly hefty portion for the price and tasted good too.

I opted for the Chicken Scorpion Sandwich – a relatively new addition to the menu and it arrived looking suitably exciting, topped with a decent amount of chopped chillies. The rest of the sandwich was tasty but nothing too exciting – I think it would have been good with some extra sauce to give it a real kick.

Chicken scorpion sandwich at TGI Fridays
Chicken scorpion sandwich

The rest of our table had the sirloin steak and the Jack Daniels chicken & shrimp grill. The steak came out cooked as requested (medium rare) and had a nice char – I thought the veg on the side was a bit disappointing but my friend seemed happy enough. The chicken and shrimp grill also got a thumbs up.

Tragically (and I mean that) none of us had room for dessert – but that initial Oreo mint milky cocktail had felt more like an ice cream sundae anyway. I do love an indulgent TGI’s pudding though – and I’m particularly keen to try that Drunken Lime Cheesecake.

Overall, as you’d expect the main attraction here is the fun factor – from the cocktail flaring to the friendly service to the varied menu. I doubt I’ll come back again unless it’s for another birthday, but I’ll look forward to it again when I do.

TGI Fridays

The Circus, Cabot Circus
Tel: 0344 692 8915


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