Review: Koh Thai Tapas & Deliveroo


This was quite an exciting evening – not only was I getting to try the wares of Koh Thai Tapas for the first time, but I also got to play with the Deliveroo app for the first time, and I loves me a good nifty app, especially if it results in tasty food being brought to me whilst I’m still in my PJs.

I’d used Deliveroo a few times before and had tried booking through their website rather than the app – this seemed quite unreliable and often didn’t complete the purchase once I’d tried to pay for my selection (nooo!), but luckily their app is easy to use and had no problems at all when I came to use it; you even get to watch the progress of your Deliveroo fella on a map as they make their way across town with your dindins – even more hypnotic than on the Uber app let me tell you.


Delivery times are listed on the app and our food arrived almost to the exact minute (in fact 1 min early), with a very pleasant and friendly Deliveroo courier handing me my Thai bounty before pedalling off into the wet and blustery night. Poor chap.
Here’s what I’d ordered:

This came to a grand total of £32 plus the £2.50 fee from Deliveroo, so all in all quite a pricey dinner – but then this is from a restaurant rather than a takeaway on the corner.

The food arrived hot and all smelled amazing once I started opening the containers. The 24hr ribs in particular were immense and came in a really rich and flavoursome sauce. The meat was also the perfect texture too; very soft and fell off the bone as soon as you touched it. Mmmhmmmhmm. You got tons of it in the box too.

The Boozy duck was a bit too fiery for me, and that’s coming from someone who particularly enjoys spice and heat in their food, but I couldn’t eat much of this at all. The fragrant flavours were all good, but the level of heat was just too much – oddly this isn’t listed as a particularly spicy dish on the menu, so watch out!


The Chicken Satay was a return to form – the chicken was succulent and nicely grilled, and the portion was generous too. I could have done with more of the satay sauce, but that’s my only gripe.

The crispy squid? More like damp squib (burn!) – it didn’t taste of much and the texture was quite limp and rubbery too. I didn’t finish the portion and couldn’t convince my housemate too either.

Overall I was impressed with the service from Deliveroo, and as for Koh, the dishes that I liked were really tasty and I’d definitely have them again, but a 50% success rate on a meal which wasn’t that cheap means I won’t be hurrying to order from them again soon. Next time I need some warming food delivered to my door on a rainy day, I think I’m more likely to go for a curry from Yume Kitchen, or a burger from Three Brothers.


Koh Thai Tapas
6-7 Triangle South

Disclaimer Doodle: We were given credit on the Deliveroo app for this review, but we were not asked to write a positive review, or asked to send any copy in advance, or do anything else that would compromise our mega integrity and professionalism.


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